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IEEE GLOBECOM 2015 Workshop on Localization for Indoors, Outdoors, and Emerging Networks (LION)

Technical program: Globecom 2015 LION Workshop

Sunday December 6, 8:15am to noon.


8:15am Welcome and start
8:20am: Keynote Dr. John Krumm (Microsoft Research) “What we know from where you go”
9:00am Poster teasers: 8 presentations @ 2 minutes each, serially
9:20am Poster session: 8 presentations, in parallel
9:45am Coffee break
10:15am Oral presentations 5 presentations @ 20 minutes each
12:00pm End

Poster teasers and poster presentations

Cooperative UTDOA Positioning in LTE Cellular Systems
K. McDermott; R. Monir Vaghefi; M. Buehrer

Efficient Maximum Likelihood Joint Estimation of Angles and Times of Arrival of Multiple Paths
A. Bazzi; D. Slock; L. Meilhac

Passive Radar Source Localization Based on PSAAA Using Single Small Size Aircraft
B. Hao; Z. Li; S. Xiao; L. Tong

K-Means Fingerprint Clustering for Low-Complexity Floor Estimation in Indoor Mobile Localization
S. A. Razavi; M. Valkama; E. S. Lohan

RSSI Localization with Gaussian Processes and Tracking
M. Dashti; S. Yiu; S. Yousefi; F. Perez-Cruz; H. Claussen

Improved Indoor Positioning Using the Baum-Welch Algorithm
N. El Gemayel; J. Schloemann; M. Buehrer; F. Jondral

A Novel Flip Ambiguities Detection Algorithm for WSN Localization
S. Han; J. Yue; W. Meng; C. Li

A Comparison of Received Signal Strength Statistics between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for WLAN-based Indoor Positioning
J. Talvitie; M. Renfors; E. S. Lohan

Oral presentations

10:15am: Hybrid Cooperative Positioning in Harsh Environments
O. Daniel; H. Wymeersch; J. Nurmi

10:36am: Improved Tracking by Mitigating the Influence of the Human Body
J. Trogh; D. Plets; L. Martens; W. Joseph

11:57am: Floor Detection with Indoor Vertical Positioning in LTE Femtocell Networks,
J. del Peral-Rosado; M. Bavaro; J. A. López-Salcedo; G. Seco-Granados; P. Chawdhry; J. Fortuny Guasch; P. Crosta; F. Zanier; M. Crisci

11:18am: Millimeter-wave Backscattering Measurements with Transmitarrays for Personal Radar Applications,
A. Guerra; F. Guidi; A. Clemente; R. D'Errico; D. Dardari; L. Dussopt

11:39am: Effect of Collaboration on Localizability in Range-Based Localization Systems,
J. Schloemann; H. Dhillon; M. Buehrer

Keynote  Speaker

John Krumm (Microsoft Research)

"What we know from where you go"
Abstract: We can learn a lot about people from the places they go. With more smartphones comes more location data that researchers have analyzed to derive interesting insights into human behavior. This talk will examine some of this research, starting with fundamental models of human mobility, including whether or not models of animal movement are applicable to people. We will look at how peoples’ movements throughout the day give clues about which types of places they are visiting, such as their home, work, and school. These movements also give insights into how far people are willing to travel to different types of places and the routes they prefer. Other work has shown how to go from recorded location data to surprisingly accurate predictions of where people will travel in the future, both over the next several minutes as well as the next several weeks. We will show how what we learn from mobility patterns can be applied to automated personal assistants, local search, and routing.

Biography: John Krumm graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1993 with a PhD in robotics and a thesis on texture analysis in images. He worked at the Robotics Center of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the next four years. His main projects there were computer vision for object recognition for use in robots and vehicles. He has been at Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington, USA since 1997, and is currently a principal researcher. He concentrates on location tracking of people and devices and on methods to use location data to benefit the user. He holds 51 U.S. patents. He was a PC chair for UbiComp 2007, ACM SIGSPATIAL 2013, and ACM SIGSPATIAL 2014. He served on the editorial board of IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine and for three years as a coeditor in chief for the Journal of Location Based Services.

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